Why branding with Café Serendipity!

The following are some of the benefits of branding with us:

Branded Grower Benefits:

  • National Brand Recognition / Café Serendipity
  • Quality Control of Products and Standards
  • Product Certification Program
  • Consistent Distribution thru the Supply Chain of Buyers / Café Serendipity Stores
  • Consistent Pricing in the Marketplace
  • Grower Education Programs by Trained Experts, How to Get More Yield per Growing Cycle, Product Development
  • Co-Op Collective Buying Power to Reduce Cost of Fertilizers, Lighting and other Operational Costs
  • Field Support and much more!

Branded Medical Dispensary and Adult Use Dispensary Stores Benefits:

  • National Brand Recognition / Café Serendipity
  • Relatively Low Initial investment
  • Beautifully Designed Stores with a Consistent Look and Feel
  • Training Program Taught by our Experts and Designed to Get You Off to a Quick and Successful Start
  • Simple and Streamlined Operating System
  • Proprietary POS (Point of Sale) System to Track Daily Sales and Maintain Inventory Controls
  • Proven Licensing Model with Excellent Profit Potential
  • Consistent Product Quality and Availability from our Certified Growers will Ensure Your Long Term Success and Keep Your Customers Coming Back
  • Local and National Advertising Program
  • Purchasing Cooperative Gives us the Ability to Reduce Costs and Have Access to Quality Products at the Best Available Price
  • World class Field Suppor Every Step of the Way to Make it Easier to Run Your Business